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I am Tami and here are the things that make me - well, ME!

I prefer specialty drinks over fancy food. Jasmine Pearl Green tea and kombucha for this girl!

Born a South Dakotan, Schooled a Coloradan, Lived an Arizonan, currently Reclaiming South Dakotan.

I love adventure, going with the flow and welcome change.

I met my husband at 14 and told my mom 'He is the one.'

I have 2 of the kindest, funniest, smartest and most generous little humans.

Messy in nature but I also crave organization in my surroundings.

I excel at daydreaming, imagining, visualizing and creating.

Walking, running, yoga and Just Dance with my kids brings me joy.

My happiest of places is out wandering under the sun and among the trees.

Obsessive people watcher, oops you just caught me staring didn't you?

Barefoot over shoes EVERY DAY.

I am a light packer. I fly 6-12 times a year for weddings and all I need is a backpack.

My idea of dressing up is head to toe black.

I am an introvert pretending to be an extrovert - and I do it pretty well if you ask me!

Chicken Mom!

I prefer to be hot over cold but have learned to LOVE winter.

Zodiac Sagittarius, Human Design 3/5 Projector, Life Path Number 1, Enneagram 9, Myers Briggs INFP

Why I love what I do?

My job allows me to be a part of things that matter. Weddings, babies, graduations, business ventures and all the milestones. These are moments are a big deal - and I get to help create part of the memory. How cool is that?

After all this time.

24 years of running my own photography business, 24 years worth of parties, smash cakes, seniors, product shoots and I still say I LOVE MY JOB! One thing I have learned over time is that being a niche photographer is NOT for me. I need challenge, change and the opportunity to continually reinvent myself to maintain the passion and love around being a photographer that I feel is critical to a great image and a great experience for you!

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PHOTO CREDITS to my talented 9 year old daughter, MK.

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